We haven’t been in business long, but things are already changing for the better.
First of all, thank you to our first batch of customers! Not long ago we installed service to a family that could only get DSL or satellite service at their house. They were thrilled that our service could provide speeds way faster than what they were used to.
Second, we’re upgrading our equipment in Rhinelander to better serve and reach new customers! We’re hoping to make this new technology upgrade in the next couple of weeks.
Third, we’re excited to announce that service is coming to Hazelhurst and Squirrel Hill (west of Hazelhurst). We’re expecting this service to be available in early May and we strongly encourage any interested residents to fill out our address verification form now to express interest.
Finally, we are adjusting our name to better represent who we are and what we do. The company name will be known as Northwoods Connect. Our intent is to connect the Northwoods with the rest of the world. We hope you’ll come along for the ride! 

AuthorMatt Osterman