For the last three years, we’ve charged the same exact rate for modem rental fees - it hasn’t gone up a single time. We’d love to keep that same price forever, but effective mid-December, our modem/CPE rental fee will be going up $2/month for a $6.99/month total.

Here’s why: we’ve never made money on the exterior modem and installation that we provide for our customers. It is worth it for us to take a loss to get service to customers who needed it. Our goal was to price everything in order to serve the maximum amount of customers for the best value with the best service we could provide. And now that our expenses have gone up a bit too, we can’t make the math work in our favor any longer. We won’t make an extra dime on this increase, but it will allow us to provide better long term service.

To that end, we’ve had many customers ask if purchasing a modem was a possibility and we never offered it because the modems/CPE are actually quite expensive ($180-$300 depending on the model you get). After much deliberation, we’ve decided to offer the modems to our customers AT COST.


For $199 for the standard model, you can kill the $6.99 rental fee altogether. We understand that $199 is a lot of money to some folks, but if you think you’ll be a long-term customer, then you’ll come out ahead by month 28. Again, we know that won’t work for everyone, but we wanted to give our customers the flexibility to choose for themselves. And even with a small price increase, we still believe we have the best value and service of any company around. We hope you agree.

Further, we felt the timing was right with our energy savings and $50 credit promotion. We always want you to feel like you’re coming out ahead and that we have your back.  And we appreciate all of our customer who have ours.

Our entire staff thanks you!

AuthorMatt Osterman