We're beyond happy to formally announce that High-Speed Internet Service is now active in Three Lakes, Sugar Camp, and Newbold, WI. 


These locations are now live and customers are already receiving affordable and local Internet! Coverage has been fantastic thus far, but a couple quick notes regarding the service areas:

  • Three Lakes: coverage does not currently reach Thunder, Virgin, Whitefish, or Julia lakes, or anything near Stella. 
  • Sugar Camp coverage does not currently reach Columbus Lake or the upper NW part of the chain.
  • Newbold service has actually been active for a few months now and word-of-mouth has been great!

To sign up or call to see if your eligible to receive service, please visit this page or call us at 715-544-8025. 

Thank you for choosing to shop local!

PS - Our new Crescent location will also be coming online soon!

AuthorMatt Osterman