Customer Testimonials

I could not possibly be happier with this exceptional service.  Internet from a LOCAL provider!  And unlike “Brand X” they treat you like a neighbor because you are one, there are no annoying phone calls pushing you to bundle, no price increases after the introduction time and no contracts.  How great is that?  Thank you so much Northwoods Connect.

Anne. M

Northwoods Connect came out to our house and went over and above to find the best signal on our property.  We are happily canceling our satellite internet and are so much happier with the higher speeds of Northwoods Connect vs the satellite.  We can finally stream internet which we never could before.  Thank you Northwoods Connect.

Jenny G.

Thanks so much for providing a fast and reliable internet experience.  It has literally changed our lives, allowing for buffer-free streaming of HD movies from Netflix (with subtitles!) and for smooth, interruption-free FaceTime video calls with grandkids in Chicago and in Europe.

Roger and Leonore G.

I am so pleased that we have a LOCAL provider for internet service here in the Northwoods. Signing up was easy. Installation went well and my internet service has been excellent. I do a lot of video streaming and have had no problems with buffering. It is great to do business with a company that cares about our community and its customers.

Patricia F.

We made the decision to go with Northwoods Connect four months ago.  Best decision we've made in 2015.  We recommend this service any chance we get!  The customer service is above all in the Northwoods!

Rod K.

I enjoy Northwoods Connect. Very friendly service. Easy to pay for by using their web site and they seem very personable with sending emails and making sure all your needs are met.  I would definately recommend them...oh wait a minute. I did haha...

Denise L.

The Northwoods Connect mid-level “enhanced” 5 Mbps service works great with HBO, Netflix, Skype, PBS, CBS, and YouTube. Verizon and AT&T prepaid worked fine until we needed to Skype or stream a movie at $10 each. If you find yourself cursing at “mail” or at “software updates” for gobbling up another gigabyte of your $$ data… this Internet service removes those overcharges and other special things we expect from cellular providers. :)

I am particularly pleased with the 1.5Mbps UPLOAD speed which allows HD quality Skype conferencing. This is nearly twice the DSL upload speeds we had for over a decade in a metro area. Even the “basic” service should work for “high quality” Skype conferencing at 1Mbps. I am hoping that the “basic” service will meet my needs, but I know that the “enhanced” service provides great internet that is not doled out at $8/GB.

Paul is providing a great service with a very low up-front commitment and no contract!  I go cross eyed thinking about Comcast and/or Qwest which you must game to get reasonable pricing.

John P.

We have lived in Minocqua for 22 years at 2 different locations. Both locations are within 3 miles from the center of Minocqua. Our only Broadband Option was Verizon Wireless, which had great speed, but the cost of the data was not limited and very expensive.  Northwoods Connect provided a fixed wireless service to us a month ago and it is fast and reliable, and provides unlimited data. Finally after being retired for 10 years and trying to get Reliable, Affordable Broadband to Minocqua, it is here. Thanks to Paul and Matt Osterman, owners of Northwoods Connect, for your excellent service.

Pete O.