Confused about wireless routers? Want top-tier support?

Try the Northwoods Connect Wi-Fi Care Plan.

Our new Wi-Fi Care Plan provides you with a great option that includes a high-speed wireless router with free remote security updates, zero charge service calls or house visits, and telephone support to set up any new devices that you need to connect or free password resets. This plan is optional, but highly recommended for users who don't like to deal with their routers or devices.

For $3.99/mo you get:


High-Speed Wireless Router

Northwoods Connect will provide you with a new wireless router* and set up Wi-Fi in your home. We will also replace the router at no cost if it stops working for any reason. And because it's an approved router, we'll be able to remotely troubleshoot any technical problems saving you time and hassle.



Free Service Calls

Did you know that Northwoods Connect charges $49 for service visits when it's determined to be user error? As part of the Wi-Fi Care Plan, this fee is waived when you need us most. We'll also be happy to move your antenna for free if you're doing home maintenance or a home contractor accidentally happens to cut our cable.


Free Wireless Device Setup

Did you know that Northwoods Connect technicians can help you connect multiple devices to your Wi-Fi?  With the WI-Fi care plan, we go the extra mile to get all your devices connected to the network.

*If you want to provide coverage outside or to a business, we have amazing options for those as well!